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The modern successful business woman faces a dilemma when a baby arrives on the scene especially if it is unexpected. Can they manage to juggle work and business with babies?

The great thing about modern technology is that most business tasks can now be done online and on the phone. This means that business women can keep working from the office and nearer the time of giving birth, from home, until the last few days before giving birth!

Business women on average tend to take less time off when a baby arrives on the scene compared to women in employment. It can be easier dealing with the requirements of a child and juggling work for women who are their own boss as they do not have to deal with the prejudices of their employer.

It is critical that some home help is arranged quickly otherwise both mum and child could be affected. Busy mums will not just have to take care of business as usual but also recover from the child birth experience.

For business women finding good childcare is essential if they are to continue working productively after their child is born. This does not necessarily mean that the baby has to left at a day care during the day.

It could simply mean having someone reliable coming to the family home for five or six critical hours every day. This then means that mum can focus on business completely during that time & / or just catch up with some rest.

Power naps can be very useful for mothers trying to cope with lack of sleep. Some people believe that for this to be successful you actually need to be able to fall asleep. This is not really the case as long as you get a rest for a little time during the day where you can let your mind wander without being disturbed in a calming environment.

Some women do feel guilty that they are not around to take care of all the needs of the baby. They shouldn't really as babies are more concerned about quality time than the actual numbers of hours spent. Bear in mind that most newborns sleep sixteen to twenty hours a day and do not even realise that mum is missing.

What about if they have decided to breast feed? Modern breast pumps are very good and milk can be saved for later if mum has to attend a business meeting or is unavailable. This means that it is still possible to completely breast feed whilst running a business.

In some ways the arrival of a baby can serve to motivate the mother even further to achieve more in business now that they are not just working for themselves...

Some people will argue that it is not possible to juggle a business and still rear a newborn child successfully. I tend to disagree. Nothing could serve to make an ambitious female entrepreneur unhappy and suffer from post natal depression more than an enforced period of absence from the very business that drives them.

Have you had a child and had to work or run a business before & during the first year after birth? How did you cope? What issues did you face?

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