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Top 5 FAQs about Job Hunting Online

Looking for work online is an efficient way to search but it's not always the perfect solution to find a job. Chris Russell, President & Founder of the local job site FairfieldCountyJobs.com discusses the most commonly asked questions he hears from jobseekers..

5-Step Job Hunting

The economy is picking up, budgets are new, positions are open and companies are hiring. Now is the time to rev up your job search efforts. Use these tips to dramatically improve your results..

Job Search Advice for Desperate Job Seekers

Another morning of job hunting lies ahead of you. You pour a cup of coffee and open the paper to the employment section. With a mixture of anticipation and desperation you pick up a stub of pencil and prepare to target and identify some possible job opportunities. 

Job Interviews -- The Real Reasons Why You Need to Follow Up

Effective follow-up after a job interview is often a key reason why someone gets a job, even though there are other equally qualified candidates. Many candidates treat follow up as an optional add-on to their job search. Read on to see why that's just not the case..

It can't hurt to post your resume online
The major job destination sites such as Monster, CareerBuilder and HotJobs aggregate thousands of job leads for you, while letting recruiters sift through thousands of resumes easily, potentially finding yours.

Your boss may be watching
Companies are rushing to sign up for high-tech tools that let them monitor and control what their employees do online. Here's why -- and how you can profit from the trend.

HIV/AIDS workplace policy coming
The Government is currently developing a HIV/Aids Workplace Policy for the Public Sector. A Senior Assistant Director Directorate of Personnel Management Mrs. Mary Baaro, says the disease and subsequent deaths of public servants resulting from HIV/Aids has impacted negatively on the National Gross Domestic Product.  

Employee Confidence Slides
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. employee confidence fell sharply in February, as workers grew more worried about personal finances, layoffs and job security, according to surveys released on Wednesday.

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