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A Few Tips to Make a Good Impression on an Interview

When was the last time you did not pass a certain interview? Have you tried recalling what you told the interviewer that made him give you thumbs down? For job hunters, do you usually prepare what to answer for the undying questions that these companies ask their applicants?.Let me give you an overview of my experience as an Interviewer. In 2002 until 2005, I worked as a Human Resources Assistant for a Networking Company where I handled both the Recruitment and the Benefits and Compensations of over a hundred employees. It is not easy being the Interviewer as well as being the Interviewee.Whenever I interview applicants, I use different approaches with different personalities depending on my first impression of them. For applicants who will be interviewed for non-office positions, I don't usually use the "Intimidating type" of Interviewer tactics because if the interviewee gets intimidated, chances are they would feel nervous, shy, taken aback, etc.

thus making them reveal only a few a things about themselves. Whereas, my strategy is to make them feel comfortable around me, make them open up more by chatting with them as if we were old friends. By this way, I would really get to know some things about them. I usually ask a lot of questions that involve their inner self.Sometimes, when an interviewee becomes more comfortable than I have expected, they tend to tell me things that they shouldn't, like using drugs before or being terminated from the previous employer they worked for and when I look into their resumes, they did not include the said company. Another approach that I use is the "Friendly but Strict type", by this approach, the applicants would know where they stand, in a way, they would still feel at ease, but the respect for the Interviewer is still there.

I do the Initial interview for all job vacancies needed in the Company, so if they fail my interview, there won't be a second chance. My bases for passing an interviewee are proper clothes for an interview, being attentive to every detail, a little knowledge about the Company where he will be interviewed and most of all preparedness. Before an Interview, you should be prepared physically and mentally. You should wake up early, eat breakfast, etc. and be at the venue of the interview at least 30 minutes before you are to be interviewed, so that you will have time to freshen up. Make sure that your clothes are neatly pressed and you are wearing the proper clothes for the event.

When answering the Interviewer, you should have eye-to-eye contact for them to see your integrity and sincerity to work for their Company. Avoid yawning or slouching on your seat, because it conveys that you are not that much interested with the job, maintain a good poise, sit up straight and smile all the time. And lastly, don't ever ask how much salary you will get at the beginning of the interview, wait for them to ask you about the salary, and don't demand for a very high salary if the salary you are asking for does not fit the position you're applying for.Getting a job is hard if you don't know what it takes to be professional enough to be hired. It is definitely not just by luck that someone lands a good job, it is because they worked hard to pass the interview, they showed the employer that they are not just good enough for the position but because they are the perfect ones for the job.References:.

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By: Lanie Pambid

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