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The Real Essence of Work

Most of us organize our lives around having a job. Work is important to us, but a key question we ought to ask ourselves is why do we work? There are many reasons why people work. Some work for personal development; others work only for money.

And some people work to gain prestige and possessions.Elbert Hubbard said, "We work to become, not to acquire." Work should neither be your only source of fulfillment nor something you without juice. Your true vocation is your life and work is only part of it. Work is indeed important, but remember it is just a part of living.

Work is not everything.Research says that more than 70% of workers say that they can be more productive and only 45% say that they could be twice as productive. One writer said, "Millions are idle ? even if they have their jobs. Some have great careers while others simply chisel." A variety of jobs are available in today's economy.

Some companies offer part-time jobs, full-time employment; there are also work at home business opportunities.Most people think that work is just an occupation and a place to get what you want. Their only focus is to get money, time off, and benefits.

They think of it as the place to get the salary they need to live, but the real essence of work is this: It is more than an occupation, it is really a calling or vocation.Working is not a place where we get what we want but it is the place where we can reflect the values that are within us. The focus of working is not only to receive money, but also to give and provide service to others. Consider it as a vital and an exciting place to be. Work not only as a mere job, but as a noble work. Using this attitude, you will surely achieve authentic success regardless of what kind of job you have.

Success in every job depends on you. How do you look at things? If you are a businessman, how do you deal with your employees? Do you use them to acquire resources or use resources to acquire people? To be successful in a chosen career especially in business, you should not think only about your self but also think about the benefit of other people.

.Clive Green is a writer with expertise in the fields of self-improvement, real estate and finance. Look here for home business opportunities.

By: Clive Green

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