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Executive Recruiters Love em or Leave em

Are you using or planning to use an executive recruiter? Better know what's in store for you! The first step to considering a recruiter is to understand how they function. You can save yourself a lot of worry and enhance your candidacy when you take the time to learn how to interact with these professionals. Recruiters get hundreds of resumes in response to an opening they're looking to fill. Typically they narrow them down to 20. And eventually wind up with four or five who become the primary candidates.

You can see from the numbers what your chance are of making it as a finalist. You should also understand that to make it to the finals you have to send an extraordinary resume. Most recruiters have three questions in mind when they review those resumes. 1.

Does this candidate have the skills, capabilities, assets and education to do the job? No one will call you until you pass muster. Initially recruiters spend about 50 seconds scanning your resume to see if you have those basic qualifications. If not, your resume is tossed. Otherwise you will get a longer, more intensive reading. 2.

Will we like working with you? A good recruiter is looking for someone with passion. He/she is in the business of putting passionate candidates into the right roles. And then get out of their way. The recruiter reasons that if you get into the right role, that same energy and passion will be dedicated to the company.

3. Can we get you for the right price? If you require twice the money a company is offering, there's no match. Many factors come into play here-- from market forces and company budgets to employee benefits. In this regard, it's important that realize that a recruiter does not work for you. Many job seekers make the mistake of thinking that the recruiter represents you and is in the business of finding you a job.

Not! He/she is retained and paid by the corporation. Of course, we'd all like to think there's someone out there looking out for us. But it's just not so.

You are responsible for your own job search. No one is going to do it for you. Least of all recruiters. But the good news is there are job search plans that can have you in front of your next boss in a matter of days.

When you take charge and have a proven track to run on you can turn your job search into the career adventure of a lifetime!.

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