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Are Military Police Above Civilian Police Officers

MP's can go off- post in pursuit if they request it, in which case they become Federal Police Officers, but Civilian Police have to request assistance from Military Police if someone is in pursuit and heading toward a military base, or if there is a fugitive believed to be on a military base. The fugitive thing is also true for MPs. They have to request assistance/permission to apprehend (arrest/detain) a fugitive from the MPs if the fugitive is believed to be off-post. Military Police are looked down-upon by some Law Enforcement Agencies, but on the other hand, a lot of Agencies respect them for their dual roles of combat and Law Enforcement. Depending on the Agency, a lot of MPs think certain Agencies are a joke.

I couldn't stand CID, but I had a lot of respect for FBI, DEA, U.S POSTAL INSPECTORS, and the U.S.

BORDER PATROL. Let's just say I thought CID agents as a whole (not all) were arrogant, and thought they didn't stink. There is so much wrong with this statement I don't even know where to begin. MP's do not become federal police officers just because the leave the territorial jurisdiction of their installation. They may proceed pass the gates in hot pursuit of a felony situation. Any variation to this would violate the posse commutates act of 1878.

Military Police have ZERO LE powers off of their installation unless that are dealing directly with DOD (active duty) personnel, and they could only act on behalf of the UCMJ, not civilian law. On the other hand the policy for local police pursuing someone onto an installation is going to greatly vary by where you are. Some installations have what you call concurrent jurisdiction which means the local cops can enforce civilian law on base. A prime example of this is the coast guard base in NJ.

They have no police. The local police are used. Some places have concurrent, some have sole. An MP is a Federal officer. When you pursue someone off-post for a felony you can arrest them even if they are a civilian.

If a civilian strikes an MP he is charged with striking a Federal law enforcement officer. I would say that is proof that an MP is a Federal Officer. I spent 7 years as an MP and arrested numerous civilians for various offenses.

If a civilian commits a crime on base they are arrested and charged. We even hold Federal Magistrate court with a federal judge, and that is where the civilians go. We even sometimes send the soldiers through that court for traffic offenses. Negative.

You apprehend them. The military does not use the word arrest because when you're arrested you get charged. The only military authority that charges anyone is JAG. Take CID for example, they investigate army felonies but remain neutral,unlike other FLE organizations.

They are nothing more then fact gatherer. JAG is the charging authority. If you detained a civilian off post for any reason,they would have to immediately be turned over to civilian authorities. WHEN I WORKED IN THE CID OFFICE at fort Campbell all investigations concerning criminal acts of civilians where turned over to the proper civilian authorities, sometimes the local PD and sometimes the FBI,why, because no one had the ability to charge the individuals.

MP's are not recognized as a federal law enforcement officer. CID agents on the other hand are.

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