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*Read the script. Going through the script before auditions is one of the best things you can do. By reading the script, you get a feeling for the characters, scenes, tone, etc. *Have an idea of which characters you would like to try out for. If you have a preference, the directors will more than likely let you read for those characters.

Although choosing characters is optional, you might feel more prepared if you have a choice in mind. *Relax! You can do this! Remain calm and give the directors your best. *Check your ego at the door. Every audition is a clean slate meaning previous performances carry little significance! Walk into auditions with confidence but avoid having a big head.

Be willing to take any part you can get. You are still part of the performance and gaining experience in the theatre. *Avoid copying your fellow actors. Instead of mimicking what your other actors are doing be unique.

Make this audition your own! *Keep yourself from getting frustrated. Rather than measuring yourself against your peers, focus on your performance. Do your own thing! *During auditions, think of ways you can improve as the night goes on. Reflect on YOUR performance and concentrate on doing better each time. (Key word your; forget about how others are doing.) *Rather than playing off yourself, work on playing off other readers.

Find ways to connect with your fellow actors and create character, scene, tone, etc. *Watch exaggerated movements. Acting in college is different than acting in high school.

The movements here are far more natural. Work on making the characters real. *If you get a small part take it! Remember small parts are still a part. Take this opportunity to get active in theatre and learn from your fellow actors.


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