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Be A Person Not A Number In Your Job Hunt

The professional that hopes to find their dream job needs to have a number of skills in order to get into the interview room in the first place. Hiring managers, executives, and experienced professionals alike look first and foremost for the level of confidence that a potential employee possesses. A confident applicant is able to avoid the pitfalls of the interview and can effectively communicate why they are the best person for the job. As well, communication skills are key for applicants, as they allow an applicant to speak succinctly to busy interviewers about the virtues of their CV. Finally, an applicant needs to have a set list of goals for their career that can demonstrate a commitment to achievement and excellence during employment.

While these skills are necessary and often cultivated by professionals, they can be lost during the interview and hiring process. Applicants to large corporations become numbers even though they have several meetings with interviewers, human resources professionals, and company representatives. Even in smaller businesses, applicants can find it frustrating to make themselves known because of the various considerations a business owner has on their mind during an interview. It is understandable why these things happen but for professionals, it can be quite frustrating during the job hunt. Professionals need to reassess their CV, their interviewing skills, and their level of confidence before and after every interview.

While professionals usually do fine by themselves in promoting their abilities, they often need a little bit more help to get them over the top. Companies of all sizes look for professionals that cannot only market themselves well but have certain intangible traits that can help a company improve their bottom line. Professionals who work with a recruiting agency can help turn these intangible traits into tangible results. Aside from the obvious benefits of working with a recruiting agency, including exclusive job offerings, workers should consider the valuable support they receive from recruiters.

Recruiters often have a wide range of experiences in their field, including their own anecdotes about interviewing and the job hunt. Many agencies offer one-on-one and group sessions with recruiters, trainers, and coaches who can help any professional land their ideal job. The key to finding a recruiting agency lies within their treatment of individual recruits. Some agencies think of recruits as numbers or pieces to be moved around from job to job. The agencies that can make a difference treat all of their recruits like people.

Richard Taylor Edwards is the Managing Director of Talisman Executive, a specialist recruitment agency for construction careers and construction jobs in the UK and Europe.

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