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Call Center Jobs Can Give You Extra Income

Have you ever thought about how jobs have changed through the years? It used to be that if you wanted a part-time job to get some extra cash you had to basically put the rest of your life on hold or in some way work around the part-time hours. The hours were usually those that no one else wanted and included weekends and holidays. All of this has changed with the technology that is available today.

Many people are finding that they can have very flexible working conditions and often times can do the jobs from the comfort of their home. The internet as well as telemarketing has opened up the world for individuals that want to work flexible ours. There are online jobs that are done at home, there are call center jobs that can be done at home or at a central base location, and there are telemarketing jobs that are done from a central location. My daughter has always had very good social skills. She worked in a fast food restaurant for a few years; however the hours were bad and she had to switch schedules with people if she needed to have a certain day off.

I was worried about her coming home late at night on the weekends, especially during the winter months when road conditions were not good. One of her friends started with call center jobs and talked her into applying. The call center jobs offer a variety of work duties including customer service, online life chat to answer questions and different telemarketing. My daughter did not want to do the cold calls of telemarketing because she finds it very irritating when we receive calls from telemarketers so she did not want to be one. She was interested in doing the online chat rooms for questions. She has great computer skills so she passed the typing test that is given to make sure the person has key boarding speed and accuracy.

The answers to the questions that people contact the person for are available in a manual. If a question is asked that the call center person cannot answer they give the person a telephone number to call. Persons with higher levels of expertise man the telephones.

The call center jobs required the ability to think quickly, find resources and to respond in a way that appears courteous to the customer. My daughter found that she greatly enjoyed the work. She was responding to a person that contacted her, so it was not like making cold calls, and she had resources to refer the person to if she did not have the answers.

After a training period she was able to complete the work at home. This was a great benefit so that we did not have to worry about her being out on the roads.

Charlie Reese writes about careers and call center careers. He also enjoys talking about psychic issues and paranormal activity. Charlie Reese has also given several people a psychic reading. Charlie is also a public speaker.

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