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College Books for the Einstein in You

Aside from the humongous tuition fees, room and board, food, transportation allowance and other expenses, another thing that you or your parents need to worry when you go to college are books. You can never truly experience the feel of being a student pursuing a college degree without getting deep into those college textbooks. As you go through your first and second year in college, you would have to deal with purchasing books in Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, History, Humanities, Science and Social Sciences, the list goes on and on. During your third year onwards, you need to get those thicker volumes for your major subjects like Accounting, Architecture, Engineering, Business and Finance, Computer Science, Education or Psychology.

There are even more volumes that need to be purchased for those taking up law and medicine. If you add the cost of your college books to the skyrocketing amount of your tuition fees and other expenses, you might feel as if you will not get over your debt with your student loan, or you will not get to finish your college degree with all the expenses that you would have to shoulder. The solution is to look for a book of the same title. It can be new or used but one that you can purchase at a cheaper price. Here are some great ways on how you can minimize your college books expenses: 1. Compare prices.

If you need a book for, say, Psychology, there are thousands of titles and authors to choose from. If your college professor is not particular with the author, there are cheaper books that come at a lower price which deals with exactly the same subject matter. Try going from one bookstore to another, as they also offer different prices. Some books have the same title but have different editions. For example, a fifth edition of an Engineering book which has five editions basically have the same content in all the other four lower editions. If there is not much variation to the content, you can use the older edition, which should come at a cheaper price and it should be as good as the newer version which comes at a premium price.

2. Browse through the different web sites online to find the same book title at a lower price. There are several web sites who cater to the needs of college students.

They do the searching for you and help you look for textbooks, both old and new, which you can purchase at a lesser price. 3. Sell your old books.

If you have already gone through a subject and you do not need a particular book anymore, you can sell it or personally trade it with somebody in exchange of another book that you would need in the future. 4. Get back to the basics. Ask around.

Ask your friends if they have older brothers or sisters who can lend you the books that they used in college. Your neighbors who are now working probably have some textbooks stored somewhere. Ask them if you can buy the books at a discounted price, they might even give it to you for free.

The most important thing is to be resourceful. Your textbooks in will be your guide to help you through your college education and remember that you need to have them no matter what the cost because they are your investments for the future.

Dave Poon is an accomplished writer who specializes in the latest in Education and Careers. For more information regarding College Books please drop by at http://www.topcollegelife.com/

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