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Communicate Professionalism to the World

Are you bound and determine to promote professionalism to the world at any cost? Are you a struggling artist who just wants to be taken seriously? Or are you a start-up record label who is getting close to exhausting all their resources? No matter whom you are or what you are trying to accomplish in the music business, you need to exude professionalism in every aspect. You need to be prepared and determined to protect every aspect of your career. The best and only way to protect yourself in the music industry is to put everything in writing. Music business contracts are crucial steps in letting people know you are serious. Unfortunately, business is business. No matter who you are dealing with, you are going to need music business contracts and that is a fact! Everyone wants to be taken seriously when it comes to their music, performance, company, whatever! The best way to do this is by using recording contracts or music contracts in every aspect of your career.

Never accept a handshake or someone's word even if you consider them a friend. As I said before, business is business. And you business needs to be protecting yourself. A true professional knows that nothing is final until it is in writing.

If you want to truly communicate professionalism in the music industry then music business contracts are vital. Anytime you are dealing with money or property, you have to be clear in your terms and expectations. You must clarify these things through the use of music contracts. You don't have to be a lawyer or pay one big fees to acquire music business contracts. But everyone's roles and expectations do need to clearly be spelled out in black and white and signed. You need a collection of updated, concise contracts that can be used in any and every situation.

A true professional, who wants to be taken seriously, must obtain these things. There is really no way around it. Even if you don't honestly always know what you are talking about, people have to believe that you do in order for you to be taken seriously. Whether you are an indie musician who plays all the roles or a record company music contracts are a necessity. Avoid being taken advantage of and avoid being viewed as naive. Don't let the industry eat you alive.

Get involved with your success and do this by putting everything in writing! Then and only then will you be viewed as a serious professional.

Ty Cohen, owner of Platinum Millennium publishing, former record label owner & national music industry seminar speaker/panelist. Author & creator of best-selling music biz books, courses, audio products & "How to" resources that helped 1000s.Visit http://www.order-yours-now.com/ for more information on Music Contracts, Recording, & Music Business Contracts.

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