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Crew Rosterers And Their Daily Responsibilities

At most industrial and blue collar work environments, there is a premium put on using the right personnel for the right tasks. Indeed, production and manufacturing jobs require people to work in one specific aspect of their particular process for years before becoming proficient. Since most industrial plants and other production facilities run around the clock, skill is mixed with the need for proficient staff all hours of the day to make for the difficult task of scheduling. Rosterers, or those people who determine the daily schedule of employees in a workplace, have an unenviable task on their hands. One of the most difficult jobs for a rosterer is in the airline industry.

Like manufacturing plants, airlines need to have staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to facilitate the level of service expected by customers. Crew rosterers need to develop an intricate matrix of scheduling for maintenance crews, pilots, and other flight staff in order to keep flights in the air. A crew rosterer at an airline or at an airport needs to consider a variety of factors in building a daily and weekly schedule. The most important consideration for a flight crew rosterer is the amount of hours a week the give to a particular professional.

National flight laws, as well as international laws governing flights around the world, require a certain limit of hours in flight per day for pilots and flight crew members. Because of these limits, a crew rosterer needs to use their human resources wisely to find the best balance between necessity and regulatory limits. Another important consideration in providing a daily work roster is determining the ebb and flow of the airline industry on a year-round basis. While there may be down times for airports, particularly in between holidays and heavy travel seasons, these can be the best times to perform maintenance, do paperwork, and work on other projects which are neglected during heavier travel seasons.

As well, the aforementioned heavy travel seasons need to be staffed carefully in order to meet work limitations and the requirements of scheduled flights. Those who want to enter the area of airline or airport administration should consider the position of crew rosterer. This position allows a professional to gain an intimate knowledge of every aspect of the industry because they need to schedule for every contingency.

Indeed, the position of crew rosterer is one of the most important administrative positions in the industry.

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