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Different Generations Boost Quality Executive Coaching

You want your organization to function as a team. Executive coaching can help. Senior employees' understanding of generational differences among members of the team can significantly upgrade productivity and motivation. Different age groups within your operation can bring different benefits and skills to the table. Managing those distinctions can make a huge difference. Tapping the natural, inherent qualities and capabilities of each age group can turn executive coaching into powerful addition to your overall management objectives.

So what are these natural age groups and what makes them tick? Among your workforce there are typically four groups: 1. Veterans--61 years old and up. To them work comes first. They're dedicated and can be counted on to follow the rules. 2.

Baby Boomers--42 to 60 years old. They're optimistic. They tend to be political at work.

But they value teamwork. 3. Generation X--24 to 42 years old.

Work is just a job to this generation. They're self-reliant and seek immediate feedback. 4. Generation Y--6 to 23 years old. They're highly multi-tasking. They'll have multiple careers and are globally oriented.

Put them all in the same room together and you have an amazing stew of talent and perspective which must be harnessed and encouraged in any intelligent executive coaching program. Cindy Krischer, in Knight Ridder Newspapers, tells about the value of understanding each generation and the contribution it can make. She reports that Alicia Bain, vice president of information systems for Visa International in Miami, says that managers must understand what motivates each generation. For example, Blain practices informal reverse mentoring as part of an executive coaching effort and taps her GenY workers when she wants to improve on how she finds and book venues for group events. "They always have a faster, better way of getting the information," she says.

Astute executive coaching utilizing generational differences is just one of the alternative career advancement that a job-seeker can bring to the table that will capture the attention and interest of a decision-maker. Hiring decision-makers are not interested in what you used to do for someone else. They want you to come forward with a proposal for addressing their needs and the needs of their organization. The extra time you spend researching those needs and preparing for a face-to-face meeting far outweigh whatever time you think you need to spend on your resume.

Executive coaching using generational distinctions will get you noticed. Just like the many other innovative non-traditional career advancement strategies!.

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