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Expanding Your Professional Horizons with Oil and Gas Jobs

Many people assume that oil and gas jobs are limited to the rough and tumble tedium of remote locations. Oil and gas reserves found in deserts, arctic environments and forests provide a challenge for a significant number of experts in oil and gas. Professionals overlook oil and gas jobs in favour of safer jobs where the pay rate is roughly equivalent. It is important for professionals of all experience levels to understand that oil and gas jobs are not strictly relegated to the uninhabitable parts of the globe. The roster of drilling professionals at an average oil company form only one part of a well-oiled machine. An extensive and multi-faceted public relations department is necessary for oil and gas companies.

These companies face criticism for oil spills, gas leaks and general problems with the impermanence of fossil fuels from the public. Public relations experts who are familiar with the positive sides of oil extraction and use can cultivate a uniform message to the public. A company spokesperson can speak with the media about educational programs, carbon offsets and other methods that a gas company uses to stave off environmental problems. While oil and gas seem to be part of a seller's market these days, companies still need to get the best deal for these limited resources.

The corporate and international sales department at an oil company works with leading corporations as well as government agencies to supply fuel for a variety of needs. A sales executive may work exclusively with governments around the world to supply fuel for humanitarian efforts. Other executives might spend time working with a major shipping company to gain access to volume-discounted fuel for their planes. Sales jobs in the oil and gas industry are highly lucrative for successful representatives and provide a constant stream of work. There are plenty of oil and gas jobs for scientists who want to help fuel the world's economy.

Laboratory technicians spend years in laboratories funded by oil and gas companies looking for ways to enrich fuels for longer use as well as better performance for vehicles. There are scientists who are hired by oil companies to look for renewable fuel sources to accompany traditional fossil fuels in an effort to meet growing public demand. These positions are fairly lucrative for scientist and many oil companies allow scientists to publish their findings in academic journals to increase exposure for a company's innovative ideas.

Astute Technical are a Technical Recruitment company, specialising in oil and gas jobs, providing pharmaceutical jobs and oil jobs throughout the UK and Europe.

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