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Exploring Graduate Jobs In The Media

The media job market in the United Kingdom is highly competitive but a great place for strong media graduates. Graduate jobs with media outlets, including television, radio, and Internet companies, are not necessarily plentiful. As well, these positions are sought after by applicants from the UK, Europe, and universities around the world. There is a premium on talented and committed media professionals, which makes it important for a media graduate to explore their options and find the best point of entry before enduring the heartache of a failed job search. Media graduates looking for jobs with television stations should look to smaller stations first before heading to major outlets.

Small local television stations often have jobs or internships in a variety of departments that can help a media graduate gain experience and a living. While these stations don't pay as well as major television networks, they do allow a media graduate to learn what it takes to work in front and behind the camera. For media graduates looking at the radio business, there are plenty of graduate jobs available for the right candidates. Many media graduates veer away from their academic focus on broadcasting or reporting to work in advertising, management, or technical aspects of the industry.

Radio stations often employ graduates who are interested in the general industry and have enough determination and skill to learn multiple positions at a station. However, choosing a position at a radio station is not set in stone. Media professionals interested in other positions can make the leap after gaining experience in the radio industry.

Internet companies of all sizes are beginning to offer jobs to media professionals, instead of the usual volunteer or internship type positions common to the early Internet industry. The Internet medium, after all, is highly competitive and democratic. Internet companies interested in increasing their profile and public perception that they are serious about providing information often seek out media graduates. These graduates have the technical know-how and the commitment to the media profession to make a website or podcast a more serious endeavor.

Media graduates looking to grow with a company while gaining experience in the medium of the future should consider a media position with an Internet company. There are a number of avenues available to media professionals. The main issue is where a media graduate sees their career going down the road. Graduates need to set a goal for themselves on where they want to be five or ten years into their career. In this way, they can choose the right career path for them early in the process.

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