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Finding Your Ideal Job With An International Bank

Young banking professionals and graduates interested in the banking field often look to the international banking industry for new jobs. After all, there is a certain excitement about having clients in far-off places like Tokyo, San Francisco, and Johannesburg. As well, international banking is an incredibly lucrative field, with billions of pounds transacted yearly by corporations, wealthy clients, and families looking to make their money work for them.

Finally, the opportunities available within international banking are almost limitless as there are constantly new offices and branches opening up throughout the world. While the glamours and financial rewards of the international banking world may draw in many graduates, the field can be tough to break into on one's own. Banking graduates from throughout the world flood human resources managers with applications for every position, making entry level positions difficult to attain. As well, international companies have incredibly high expectations out of their young banking professionals, who represent the future of banking. International banks are looking for professionals sure of their skills with an eye toward revolutionizing banking for the next generation of investors. Simply sending an application and a CV may not get the intellect or work ethic of a professional across.

International bankers and banking professionals looking to make their mark into with a major international bank or financial agency in the United Kingdom and Europe can use a multitude of resources. General job sites are a great way for banking professionals to find job leads and make connections with the employer of their dreams. Recent graduates can use their former university as a resource, as many British and European universities are creating job resource centres for alumni. Finally, international banking professionals should not hesitate to use connections through former employers and colleagues to find job leads. On the whole, the most commonly used resource for eager international bankers looking for a new job is recruiting agencies.

These agencies specialize in providing a full range of services, from online listings to professional development, to their recruited professionals. These agencies have a strong selling point, performing all of the leg work necessary to find their recruits the job of their dreams. From application to placement, recruiting agencies of all sizes provide feedback to their recruits as the process goes along. In the end, a combination of recruiting agencies and a utilization of personal connections can turn the hard work and headaches of a job search into the fulfilment of a well-defined career path in international banking.

Roger Dursley is the Managing Director of iTS European, a specialist IT recruitment agency in the UK. iTS European focus on jobs in Europe and IT recruitment services.

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