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Great Waiters are Not Born Theyre Made Part II

Job openings are usually abundant for food service workers. Population growth, the increase of many different styles of food, and the upsurge in restaurants have created many new positions. The majority of openings will arise from high turnover, since food service work is often a short-term source of income for students, those between jobs, and trainees who want work experience to enhance their entrance into other hospitality, more lucrative fields. Keen competition is usual for upmarket positions in popular restaurants, International hotels and fine dining establishments, where likely earnings from tips are greatest. Food and beverage servers are the frontline of customer service. Waiters whether male or female, are the largest group of these workers.

Waiters serve food and drinks to guests in hotels, restaurants, clubs, bistros, cafes, coffee shops, and other dining establishments. Before a restaurant is open, or before the guests arrive at a function, (such as a wedding), the waiting staff may have several jobs to do. They might have to move tables around, polish the cutlery, lay the tables; putting out tablecloths, napkins, and cutlery, crockery, glassware, and table decorations.

Some wait staff greet customers, escort them to their tables, seat them, and hand them menus. They may answer questions, explain menu items and specials, and keep tables and dining areas clean, neat and prepare fresh settings for new diners. They take customers' orders, and serve food and beverages. When diners have had their appetizer for a few minutes, the duty of the waiter is to ask whether everything is as expected. During their shift, they will refill water glasses, wine or other beverages, prepare itemized food bills, and sometimes accept payment.

When diners prepare to leave, the waiter asks whether everything was to their satisfaction, thanks them for dining in the restaurant, and invites them to return and may escort them to the front door. No doubt, waiting at tables is hard work, but when you are reliable, punctual, and consistent and find the perfect job then you can rely on making good money, especially with tips. The State of Food Service in Australia It is surprising there are not more young people wanting to be the best in the waiting profession. Wages for floor staff in Australia is generally regarded as reasonable.

For instance, the top floor positions in leading restaurants can command salaries, according to industry sources, from $55,000 to $75,000. In addition, though most waiters are tight-lipped about tips, it doesn't take much to figure out that a basic 10% gratuity on a bill at a 'three-hatted' restaurant is not exactly pocket change. Customers want good service when they go out to eat in a restaurant and they certainly recognise when they get it, so it is a shame that the industry does not do more to provide better service and to promote waiting as a life-long profession as they do in Europe.

Servers are expected to provide speedy, competent, courteous service. When the food is ready, the waiting staff brings it from the kitchen and serves it to the guests. Most times the food is put on the plate in the kitchen (this is known as 'plate service') and presented to the diner. Duties vary considerably, depending on the establishment.

Most work as part of a team, helping co-workers to improve workflow and customer service. Food and beverage service workers are on their feet most of the time and often carry heavy trays of food, dishes, and glassware. During busy dining periods, they are under pressure to serve customers quickly and efficiently.

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