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How to Find Your Dream Career

If you're at all interested in advancing yourself, you've probably wondered how to find your dream career. The good news is that it's out there waiting for you. The problem is how you find it. Probably the best way is not to go after it head-on, but rather to back into it. By that I mean "learn how to manage your career search risks." You see, your career adventure success depends not so much on where YOU want to go, but on a balance of your needs with those of employers.

Employers don't hire on the basis of what your dream career is, but rather they hire the best candidate they're convinced can do the job . . . not the best candidate on earth! Managing your career advancement is the secret. And that means controlling your risks. Here are five tips on how to find your dream career by calculating your risks: 1.

Decide what the worst case consequences are for making a change. If you can't live with them that this career goal isn't right for you. Or you need to develop a contingency plan or retool to minimize the risk. 2. Don't be overcome by the dream. Take the down-to-earth step of doing your homework.

Research the risk. Look carefully before you leap. 3. Get advice. Talk to your spouse, your friends, people you trust and who are in the know. Their feedback will be invaluable in helping you shape the practical realities of your dream.

4. Be honest with yourself. Is this the kind of risk you're going to kick yourself around the block a couple years from now if you don't take it? 5. Ask yourself the ultimate risk control question: "Is NOT taking the risk bigger than taking it?" If the answer is "yes," then get moving! Now for the best news of all. If you decide this is the right time to discover how to find your dream career, help is on the way.

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