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How to Qualify for Freelance Jobs

If a person does not want to take up a full time job working under the control of a boss and wants to be a boss for himself, one of the options for him is to work as a freelancer. Many people have been benefited in this kind of job working from home as a rewarding career. They are even able to earn more by working in their free time.

In this case the traveling time and energy can also saved. The Freelancers are people who perceive their career without any long term commitment to any particular employer. The areas where freelancing is common are journalism, copywriting, graphic design, consultation in any field, survey online, internet research etc.

Due to the prevalent of internet there are many chances of getting a freelancing opportunity these days. It acts has a largest economic sector in the intensifying markets. Freelancing prevails a lot in the software field especially in website design, business documentation etc. Freelance depends upon company to company; some companies require people to sign an agreement and many others do only by word of mouth. It totally depends upon the related work.

The payment for the work also varies depending upon the work done. It might be based on day or hour package or payment per project. It totally depends on the project work done. It might be through value based pricing method or custom payment or percentage upfront or on completion of the project. Some of the advantages of freelance jobs are as follows: Options of getting variety of assignments or projects are possible. Freedom to opt for the work schedule.

Experience adds a broad portfolio of work. Networking of more number of clients is possible. Some Freelancers form a group or work with some more freelancers to form a virtual agency. In turn many people get a job. Some of the disadvantages of freelancing are as follows: The uncertainty of work prevails a lot.

Regular Income will not be possible. Lack of benefits like pension, gratuity, health insurance, bonus, paid holidays etc. Contracts must be handled often. Legal issues, accounting aspects and other business functions have to be handled by the concerned person.

If the freelancer appoints somebody else for these works, then he will have pay out of his pocket. Sometime the working hours may exceed the normal office working hours. It is very much essential for the employer to identify a qualified professional freelancer before deciding on one. As it is a project based long term activity it must be profitable to the freelancer. Then only the freelancer will also have interest to work on the project in the course of which the company in turn will get benefited.

Thus a Freelance job has its own advantages as well as disadvantages and it is in the hands of the individual to decide.

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