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Improving Skills As A Paint Shop Manager

In the automotive field, paint shop managers are key to the aesthetic strength of automobiles. After all, the paint job on the exterior of the car is a key factor in presentations by sales people to consumers. Paint shop managers have a lot of issues to contend with in their daily work lives, including finding reliable machine operators and dealing with directives from the corporate office. As well, these managers often have to get involved in the physical machine painting, washing, and finishing of vehicles. While paint shop workers may think that the manager position means that you have to stop learning, they are mistaken.

Paint shop managers often improve their skills and learn more about the industry in the first few months in their new position than they did as paint shop employees. Managers need to be accountable to their superiors and their subordinates, as both expect them to fill a certain role. In dealing with both groups, a paint shop manager can improve their skills quickly to become a more effective professional. Paint shop managers need to deal with executives, general managers, and other upper management professionals on a regular basis. New vehicle lines come through the paint shop which need a special set of colors in a hurry. Old vehicle lines are overhauled and need to include new paints and finishes for dealerships around the UK.

The demands from above are very high for paint shop managers, who have to stay focused and maintain their attention on the paint shop every minute on the job. In dealing with upper management professionals, a paint shop manager can improve their skills through attentive listening. Paint shop managers often have to sit in meetings about new product lines. When people running the meeting ask for questions or suggestions, a manager should chime in.

Demonstrating an interest in the project will maintain focus, increase knowledge, and show upper management that they care about the end product. As well, staying updated on the latest corporate and industry news is vital to clear communications with management. Paint shop managers also have to deal with their staff members on a daily basis, who have individual agendas and goals.

The best thing for a paint shop manager to do is to speak with his crew as often as possible one-on-one, in order to gain a better perspective about the paint shop environment. Managers who demonstrate their interest in their subordinates, no matter what industry they work in, will have successful careers.

Richard Taylor Edwards is the Managing Director of Talisman Executive, a specialist recruitment agency for construction careers and construction jobs in the UK and Europe.

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