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IT Jobs Where Have All the Candidates Gone

The IT industry is one of the most important and lucrative sectors in most developed economies. The influence and importance of the IT sector feeds into other industries such as the finance and telecommunications sectors. Moreover, there is simply an abundance of job opportunities for IT professionals who have the skills and experience which employers require.

Even though the IT boom of the 1990s may have now subsided to an extent; through out the economy, there is still a high demand for fully qualified IT experts. There is now evidence that IT employers currently have a substantial demand for IT professionals who are also business-conversant. This suggests that there is now a fall in the demand for IT experts who possess 'hard' IT skills. These include professionals such as developers and programmers.

On the other hand, the job market demand trend does seem to now favor IT candidates like business analysts and project planners. At this junction, it should be mentioned that the IT job market is one that is characterized by constantly changing skills and experience requirements. This means that if IT professionals are to be successful in obtaining suitable roles, they have to become increasingly aware of the exact job requirements and expectations of employers. Some experts have suggested that it is this lack of awareness of job requirements that has lead to some of the skills shortages in the IT job market. However, with the aid of specialist recruitment firms like Quanta, both IT employers and job candidates can have all their recruitment needs met.

For over a decade, Quanta have been supplying effective IT recruitment solutions to the IT, finance and telecommunications sectors. As such, Quanta has the experience and specialized knowledge to help fill any skills gaps and shortages within the IT job market. Quanta also builds and maintains close communication links and partnerships with some of the major IT employers. This ensures that Quanta has a full understanding of the organizational and cultural requirements of both their corporate and candidate clients. It also enables Quanta to provide a fully tailored recruitment service to their clients.

Quanta possesses some of the latest and most sophisticated back office tools in the recruitment industry. This gives them a significant advantage over other recruitment agencies. As a result of the long track record of success which Quanta has managed to achieve over the years, an increasing number of companies and candidates are choosing Quanta.

Stephen Trigg is the CEO of Quanta Consultancy Services, the leader provider of Recruitment consultancy.

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