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Janitorial Cleaning Words of Wisdom

It's been approximately 23 years now since my janitorial career began. Unfortunately, the respect most janitors receive at their jobs is incredibly low. I've had several co-workers along the way come and go rather quickly. Most thought janitorial work was just too hard, gross, and took too much time. But who's to say that isn't true with most jobs?.

It's too bad a good number of them never stayed along my side to learn the secrets of janitorial work. Today, with so many janitorial products on the market, my job has never been easier. I would say over the half the time, I never even need to touch any dirt, or wipe anything down with my own hands. There's always another tool that can reach down for me, and get in all the dirt.

Here are a few items which are essential for any janitor. These items have made my job over the years easy, and if you're a janitor, you must consider these for yourself:.The Utility Cart: This is a rather light pushing cart.

You can store just about every cleaning supply you'll ever need. The lower shelf it will include can be used to store all your cleansing chemicals, brushes, and whatever else you need to include.Drum Dolly: This is a round dolly, about seven or so inches high. This is used for a mop bucket, or any other bucket you'll need to wheel around with ease.One thing you'll notice here is that these products have wheels. Why would you want to carry any buckets around? Carrying anything at all will only make you miserable, and in the long run may cause serious health problems including back pain, or even more severe complications.

Cordless Two-Way Radio: You may think only security guards need two-way radios, but having one with you, and with a co-worker, can be a serious life-saver. If there's a major cleanup, you'll be able to have someone to help you in no time.Floor and Carpet Sweepers: It's similar to a broom, but saves you tons of time and effort. If someone invented a broom with wheels, they would be disappointed to know that their invention already existed! A floor and carpet sweeper rolls, and as it rolls, it slings the dirt right into a container.Control Back Pain Video: This isn't exactly a cleaning supply, or a product only for janitors, but it has literally saved my back all of these years. It instructs you pick anything up the right way, without injuring yourself in the process.

I realize I only listed five items, but these five items can save you from years of horrible back pain, and can make your job as a janitor incredibly easy. I hope you keep this information for yourself, and spread it on to your co-workers and even your employers.Copyright 2006 http://www.cleaningsupplystore.info/.

.Aaron Brandon has been working as a janitor for over 23 years. He spends most of his time now training new janitors his trick for making janitorial work easiest. You can find the cleaning supplies mention above at: http://www.


By: Aaron Brandon

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