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Open Mechanic Jobs In The UK

Automotive mechanics are one of the most important points of contact between automotive companies and their consumers. After all, even the most reliable vehicles need regular maintenance or the occasional repair due to an accident. Automotive mechanics throughout the UK and Europe are incredibly valuable because they have a general knowledge of the mechanical functions of cars and a specific knowledge of various car models.

This mixture of knowledge and technical ability means that there is always a need for talented auto mechanics in the region. There are plenty of open mechanic jobs in the UK at any given time. Graduates and young professionals who don't mind getting a little dirty while they fix automobiles can find their ideal job pretty quickly. The biggest decision for auto mechanics is deciding whether they want to work with an automotive shop or a dealership.

Both environments are nurturing to auto mechanics, though in very different ways. Most auto owners in the UK are familiar with the various free standing mechanic shops available in their community. Petrol stations, car washes, and auto mechanic shops all feature stations for a variety of auto needs. Mechanics are needed often for these positions, as they are a great entry level position for new graduates. The benefit to this work is that a good portion of the work is simple tasks, including tire rotations and oil changes. This means that they can work on a larger number of cars in the average day than their counterparts in car dealerships.

However, one of the issues with auto shop jobs is that the pay is usually lower than at dealership shops. Auto dealerships in the United Kingdom offer a wide range of benefits to mechanics who accept their open jobs. Sophisticated repair and diagnostic equipment is made available to mechanics, largely as an investment in happy customers and quality work.

As well, dealership mechanic jobs often have higher wages and benefits than at other mechanic positions. Finally, dealership work is fairly steady and can create challenges on a daily basis for mechanics looking to broaden their experience. The shortfall of auto dealership mechanic jobs is that they can offer too rigid a corporate environment for some mechanics. Mechanics often like to converse with the consumers directly and offer a variety of solutions to their auto problems. However, the specialisation and regimentation of the auto industry extends into its auto service centres. The real choice in finding the right mechanic openings is how important customer service is to an individual applicant.

Richard Taylor Edwards is the Managing Director of Talisman Executive, a specialist recruitment agency for construction careers and construction jobs in the UK and Europe.

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