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Personal Presentation Performed Perfectly for Men

Your interview date is set and you are feeling very optimistic. You've thought what you're going to say and you are feeling all prepared. You are confident that you will get the job without too much bother. You know what you need to ask them and how you are going to impress them with your knowledge and skills.

Now before you go any further ask yourself these questions about how you will appear.Should I wear a Suit?
It's a good idea to wear a suit for a job interview unless you know that the firm has a casual policy. If you do wear a suit go with something simple, in a neutral colour.

The more conservative your field is, then the more conservative your suit should be For example, if you're applying for a job in an accountancy firm, go with a navy blue or dark grey suit; on the other hand if it's with a marketing company something more trendy or colourful would be OK. Dress suitably for success in your chosen field.What if the job is in an industrial setting?
It's always a good idea to match your interview clothing to the prospective job. If you are applying for a job working on a warehouse floor, you will look out of place wearing a formal suit.

However, keeping that in mind, dress respectably and so long as your clothes are neat and clean you will look fine.Personal Presentation Tips for Men .A jacket and colour-coordinated trousers with a pastel shirt might do. But a solid navy-blue or medium-to-dark grey business suit is best, as is a solid-white, long-sleeve dress shirt with a conservative silk tie. Silk makes a smaller, much nicer knot than most other fabrics.

If you can't afford 100-percent silk, try a silk blend.Wear calf-length dress socks (not novelty or bright coloured socks) that match the colour of your suit.Wear low-heeled, conservative dress shoes that are colour coordinated with your suit. (For example, don't wear brown shoes with a navy-blue or grey suit. Wear black.) Some say that laced shoes are dressier than casuals, but that's a minor detail.

The important thing is to wear conservative, colour-coordinated dress shoes.Don't go without a belt if you're wearing trousers with belt loops. Wear a dress belt that matches your shoes (e.g., black with black).

Get a professional haircut or trim. If you can't stand the thought of cutting your long hair for interviews, at least tie it back in a ponytail. But if you're past a certain age then short, well-groomed hair is best.Clean-shaven is the best way to go too. If you have a beard or moustache, shave it off for interviews. If you just can't bear to shave it off, at least make sure it's well-groomed.

If you ordinarily wear one or more earrings, please remove them before interviews unless the firm is known to be relaxed about wearing them.Get all this right and you can relax - you know you look the part and your personal presentation will be performed perfectly. Getting this right boosts your confidence and feeling confident will ensure you have a better interview.There is one other thing that tends to sap confidence though: being overweight can make you feel a little uncomfortable and is itself often the result of a lack of confidence, so it becomes a vicious circle.If you recognise yourself then read my free advice at ebookdownloads/mens weight loss.


Peter Fisher is an expert Career Coach and counsellor. He is also Managing Director of Career Consulting Limited. For insights into his expert advice on the importance of Personal Presentation in the Career Change process visit http://www.your-career-change.com/Dress-for-success.

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By: Peter Fisher

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