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The Job Outlook for Art Management Graduates

Art patrons and the casual observer of museums and public art alike often misunderstand the level of work that goes into displaying works of art. After all, it is not as simple as turning on the museum lights and hanging paintings on the wall. Art management professionals often have to perform a multitude of tasks in small nonprofit organizations. The average day of a museum manager or arts organization director is long, starting early with meetings new exhibits and building maintenance concerns. Art managers also have to deal with visiting school groups and large groups of visitors who need tours and information on exhibits. These arts management professionals often have to become experts in accounting, nonprofit management, and grant writing.

Graduates in arts and nonprofit programs throughout the United Kingdom and Europe often have a difficult choice to make after their university days. Careers in the arts are often not lucrative enough or are too competitive for many graduates who need to make a living. As well, paying jobs in the arts can be difficult to find in the first place. However, art graduates who have any interest in staying within their field while determining their own destiny should consider arts management as a career option. Arts management professionals can work with dedicated volunteers, college interns, and limited paid staff in order to put together a great art exhibition for the general public.

Arts management positions require a skills set that embraces the business, artistic, and organizational portions of the profession. Graduates who have a good business acumen, can assemble a rudimentary budget, and understand what is hot among art consumers in the public are often successful in art management. Professionals who understand art history, preservation, and the construction of good art pieces can develop creative exhibits that will draw in new patrons. Time wasted in the arts industry is a major problem, so arts managers need to be organized and prioritize concerns appropriately in order to be successful. The incentives for arts management positions are largely intrinsic, though money is available to exceptional managers. The average arts manager will make in the mid to upper 20,000 pounds range, though there are bigger art houses and museums that offer lower 30,000 pounds.

Depending on the success of the manager's grant writing department, an art manager can increase the budget to include more paid positions and raises for current staff. Lovers of art flock to arts management positions in order to fulfill their personal desires while earning a decent living.

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