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Top Tips For Keeping Your Car Secure

Unfortunately, car theft and car break ins are a part of life. And even the newest cars with state of the art security systems can not keep the thieves at bay. Auto security devices Luckily, there are few measures you can take to make sure your car and its belongings do not become another crime statistic. First and foremost, your car should have an alarm. Car security will often come down to which has the best security equipment.

If your car has an alarm and a steering lock in place, most thieves will move onto a car that is not so well secured. So, having these two car security devices in place is a good idea. There are also plenty of other auto security devices you can choose from including wheel clamps, brake pedal locks, battery and fuel pump disconnects, cameras and warning lights.

Insurance Auto security devices can help keep your car secure, but if a thief really wants to break into it the chances are that he will succeed. For this reason you should take out a good insurance policy on your car and its contents in case the worst should happen. A good insurance policy will cover you against fire and theft; will insure the contents of your car; and will insure you for the cost of repairing any damage to the car caused by a break in or an attempted break in. Common sense When it comes down to it, a lot of keeping your beloved car safe and secure comes down to common sense.

With just a few basic steps and good habits you should be able to keep the thieves at bay. For a start, always try to park the car in busy areas where there are plenty of passers by. This is especially true true at night. Most car break ins occur when cars are left on quiet unlit streets. When you leave your car unattended you should also ensure that all doors are locked and that your windows are rolled up.

Also, never leave valuables in your car when it is unattended. This goes for your driving license and car registration papers too. If your car gets stolen with these inside it can be a major headache and you run the risk of having your identity seriously compromized. If you really must leave belongings in your car make sure they are out of sight. The vast majority of car crime involves the theft of items from cars that are left in view, such as mobile phones and laptops, that can be stolen quickly and resold quickly. Also, they type of car you drive will have a bearing on how likely you are to become a victim of car crime.

A sporty coupé will be a much more attractive steal for criminals than a sensible station wagon. So, the nicer your car the more careful you should be. Surprisingly, many car thefts result from car owners either losing their keys or having them stolen. So, if you are out and about take extra care with your car keys. Also, keep car keys in a secure place, such as in a safe, in the home.

If your house gets burgled, you do not want the criminals to make off with your car as well. Never hide spare keys in your car. Thieves know all the classic hiding spots and are likely to find them. And if you are leaving your car at an attended lot, do not give the attendant a full set of keys or a key with the keycode on it. Finally, if you have a garage, use it. A high proportion of car crime occurs right outside people's homes so keep your car off the streets at night if you can.

If you are a victim If your car is stolen or broken into, time is of the essence. The sooner you contact the police the higher the chance of your car or your belongings being recovered. Also, you should try to make it as easy as possible for police to identify your car. You could have your windows engaged, scratch your initials under the hood or leave a few business cars lying around inside the car. Most of us are victims of car crime at some point in our lives. However, by following the tips in this article you should reduce the chances of it happening to you.

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