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Trucking Jobs A Career That Cant Be Outsourced

When you drive on the freeway you see them almost everywhere. Truckers are hauling products from one destination to another. These semis represent hundreds of thousands of trucking jobs from coast to coast. And the best part about a career as a trucker just might be that the job cant be outsourced overseas.

Even with the rising cost of gas prices, there are other ways to ship products, but none offer the flexibility and cost effectiveness of trucking. Even long hauling around the country is more popular than using trains. Air freight is extremely efficient but is also extremely expensive as well.

Most truckers have what is known as a CDL, an acronym for commercial drivers license, meaning they are allowed to haul large weights of product on their trucks.

There are many CDL truck driver jobs for local delivery jobs and long distance driving, which is also called over the road driving.

There are many different types of trucking jobs and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Local truckers take the freight from the long haulers and deliver it locally to businesses and individuals in the town or metropolitan area where they are located.

Long haul drivers take freight from one part of the country to another, generally across the country hence the name.

Trucking jobs are regulated by the government and drivers are only able to drive for so many hours straight and then they are required to rest.

Considering either local or long haul trucking jobs will depend on your life style preferences. Local trucking jobs offer the advantages of being home most every night of the week, having a steady route of deliveries, and a steady paycheck. In some locals, though, local trucking jobs can be hard to find, the pay is generally lower than long haul trucking, and consolidation in the industry can mean job insecurity.

Long haul trucking jobs appeal those who prefer some independence over working for the same employer day-after-day.

Long haul trucking jobs generally pay better pay than local trucking jobs, and of course the route and scenery changes constantly. Long haul trucking jobs have a few drawback as well including solitude of the road, very few nights spent at home, and constant travel.

Earning a CDL is relatively inexpensive and with a little experience, most people can begin a career as a trucker in as little as a few months. Remember how much fun it was as a kid making the honking motion with your arm out the window hoping to get a driver to hit his air horn? As a truck driver you get to pull the air horn lever as often as you like.

Trucking isnt for everyone but it can even work for couples who enjoy driving and spending time together.

You can operate as a husband and wife long haul trucking team driving across America. Having a team of two people means you can drive further with the same truck and with sleeper cabs on the truck one of you can rest while the other one drives.

There are many trucking jobs available for truck drivers and whichever one you choose, the challenge will be significant. However, so will be the reward you will have when you are driving your rig around and making good money.


About the Author (text)Jeff Morrow writes about employment issues for truckers. Find all advertised trucking jobs, CDL study information, and other free trucking resources at Jobs-for-Truck-Drivers, http://www.jobs-for-truck-drivers.com.

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