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Understanding The IT Recruitment Process

Graduates who are entering the information technology field directly from the university level have to contend with eager IT recruiters at job fairs and open houses. IT recruiters are tasked with finding the best IT professionals while promoting aggressively the company that they work for. While graduates may find the enthusiasm and aggressive approach of IT recruiters a bit much at times, they need to understand the pressures applied on these recruiters by the industry which they work in.

The information technology market in the United Kingdom is not just a domestic market anymore. International companies from Europe, Asia, and North America are setting up offices and recruiting outposts in the United Kingdom to recruit top notch professionals from British and Scottish universities. IT firms have a public face in their recruiters, who feel the pressure to meet application quotas and find the best talents at the same job fairs as their competitors.

The aggressive attitude is meant to impress graduates, not put them off. The competition from international firms only hits on the surface of recruiting issues for IT firms in the United Kingdom. In addition to beating out international competition, there is a need for individual recruiters to beat out their colleagues in the IT recruitment department. Recruiters need to demonstrate to their managers and supervisors that they are able to draw in applicants, convert those applicants into professionals, and sell the company at every opportunity. While some of these measures may be subjective, there is nonetheless significant pressure within the IT department on individual recruiters.

Once a graduate understand the pressures on an IT recruiter, they can better understand the underlying issues within the IT recruitment process. Graduates are probably very familiar with the application, interview, and hiring process in the IT field. Undoubtedly, they will have to apply and interview with more than one company before landing their first professional position. However, graduates need to fully appreciate the machinations that go into hiring an individual IT professional. Recruiters, interviewers, and hiring managers need to communicate about subjective measures like communication skills and potential for long term success.

As well, there is the tough task of differentiating between dozens of candidates who have the same educational experiences. IT firms ultimately have to determine whether an IT recruit or applicant is worth the investment in training, equipment, and salary. Graduates who can take a realistic approach to the IT recruitment process will be able to successfully use it to their advantage.

Steve Bishop is the Managing Partner of Damia Group. The company specialise in information technology jobs and UK recruitment solutions as well as IT jobs in Europe.

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