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Using Crew Recruitment To Meet Your Bottom Line

In the airline industry, hiring managers need to face a number of obstacles in assembling the right personnel for their business needs. Airline human resources professionals have to first eliminate applications from professionals without the certifications or licenses to work legally in the industry. Once these applicants are removed from the process, hiring managers and executives need to determine from hundreds of candidates the best professionals to meet their crew vacancies. The hiring process is further complicated by competition within a region or market sector, whether it is an international airline or a vacation charter.

The crew recruitment process can be a daunting one for even the best airlines. Airlines have a lot of issues and concerns to deal with as they develop into industrial leaders. Crew recruitment should not be a problem beyond the doors of the human resources office. In order to develop a self sustaining and efficient hiring process, airline executives need to develop a crew recruitment method that works for their needs.

There are many ways in which airlines can use crew recruitment to maintain their bottom line. Airlines with some capital to spend on recruiting firms should consider this an investment in long term personnel fulfilment. Vacancies at a contracting airline, whether temporary or permanent, can be filled by an outside recruiting firm based on the needs of the company. The entire process typically requires less work for human resource managers, as they can focus on training and professional development rather than recruiting new talent. The expense of working with a recruiting firm can easily be recouped through efficient crew recruitment. However, some airlines understandably want to learn how to recruit crew members on their own.

A self sufficient recruiting process saves money in contracting fees and keeps interviewing and training in house. Airlines that are interested in conducting their own crew recruitment need to follow a number of steps to recruit the right talent. Hiring managers should first look to passive forms of recruitment, like online advertising and working with online job sites.

The applications will roll in with very little work on behalf of the recruiting company. As well, airlines need to consider an efficient interviewing process where preliminary e-mail interviews and interactive forums online are used to eliminate candidates. Finally, airline managers and executives need to be unabashed about going out into the public and seeking out the best talent at university job fairs and open houses.

In the end, airlines looking for great crew applicants need to use their competitive spirit in order to promote the virtues of their company.

Wynnwith are a specialist engineering recruitment agency based in Woking, England. They provide a wide range of recruitment and managed services which include rail recruitment, aviation recruitment and defence recruitment solutions.

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