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What Makes A Good Employment Application And Why Is It Important

Whenever a person wishes to find gainful employment, the first step he or she has to take is completing an employment application form for prospective employers. By doing so, the applicant will be furnishing all the required information to the would-be employer. Very often, a submission date is required before which the application, duly completed, must be submitted for consideration for the post applied for. Each employment application form must be completely filled out in its entirety and signed by the applicant. Very often, this should be accompanied by a cover letter and an up-to-date Resume, as well as any additional material required by the company.

Most companies keep your application active for a period of ninety days during which time they will review your application and make their decision. In case the ninety days lapses and no decision have been taken, then they may require the applicant re-submit the document for a further ninety days for fresh consideration. It is also usual for companies, as part of the selection process, to contact present and past employers as part of the selection process.

So, when completing the form, make sure that these addresses and contact numbers are included. The form itself should be carefully perused and completed giving each and every detail that is pertinent and should include every facet of the applicant's personality, educational and work experience. The position applied for should be clearly stated as well as whether the applicant has ever applied for this position before. For the applicants employment history, most companies will prefer that they begin by giving details about the current employer, and then work their way back for the preceding ten years (or more, if applicable) with all other past employers. Military service, if any, should also be detailed.

In case their have been any gaps in employment that exceed six months in duration, then the applicant needs to give reasons explaining these gaps. Pre-employment background questionnaires are required by some employers and all material information as asked for by this questionnaire is to be given and any misrepresentation or omission of material facts may lead to loss of employment. So, applicants should be aware that the information they offer should be both true and accurate. All supportive documents, as required in support of the answers given, must be attached along with the completed questionnaire. The information requested through the questionnaire is personal information, professional fitness, fitness, and criminal history, if any. On completion of the employment application, duly signed, the applicant authorizes the would-be employer to conduct background investigation as well as obtain release of any records or information in connection with the application.

Perjury laws are applicable and demand that the only information divulged is true, complete and correct.

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