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Whats the reason artists like Madonna Radiohead and Bruce Springsteen have chosen to drop their labels

There is a reason why these and scores of other legendary artists in just the past few weeks have chosen to drop their labels. Being successful for this long do you think they've learned a few things along the way? There comes a point when every band or artist has to think about taking the next step in their music career, the business of marketing their music. Don't be fooled there is a "Business" side to the "Music Business". Often bands and artists are more concerned with their music than the business of marketing and management.

A solid understanding of the business of music is necessary for you to be successful. Where can musicians learn the business side of the music industry and I don't mean "The School of Hard Knocks"! How do you begin planning for a serious career in the music business? What are the steps you need to take to 'make it?' You may not want to hear it but I'm gonna say it? education! You've worked hard on your music, now learn the "business" side of the music industry. Where do you find the information and the tools to take your music "business" to the next level. One source I found is a free tele-seminar series from Zoomoozik where you can ask questions and get answers! What have you got to lose? Free Seminars from Industry Leaders, information that may help in taking your career to the next level? Find out exactly which direction the New Music Industry is going and help direct that path.

These calls are scheduled for one hour. but I've seen them stay on the line later to answer questions. There is no cost or obligation for attending this special training, there are however a limited number of spaces available. Sign up for more information NOW! Their latest Seminar Schedule: Seminar #1 - "How to Sell Your Music Online" - So you're ready to take your music into online sales? Or.

are your music sales just not what you'd like them to be? What are your options? How much should I expect to get for my music? What formats are acceptable? Participate in our seminar and get your answers! Seminar #2 - "Building a Fan Base that is a Promotion Machine" - You've got your music were you want it, now how do you get those hoards of rabid fans that buy everything you produce and market your music to everyone that they know? Participate in our seminar and get valuable tips! Seminar #3: - "Getting into the Elusive International Markets" So now you're selling your music, the "business" of music is starting to come together for you. It's time to start looking to the next step - getting international exposure, those other deals. Participate in our seminar and get your plan set! Seminar #4: - "Getting that Recording Contract" So you want that Record Deal? You've prepared, your music is dead on, your fan base supports you getting that elusive recording contract. Do you sign? What is going on in the industry today, in the near future? Is there a reason many of the biggest names in the business are choosing to move away from the traditional labels? Participate in our seminar and find out! Take action in advancing your career in the "music biz" now!.

Steve is one of the founders of the free tele-seminar series at Zoomoozik Seminars. You can find more information at the main site Zoomoozik.

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